Advantage of Mini Current Transformer

AC Miniature Current Transformer

Advantage of Mini Current Transformer

4 Principles

According to the measurement principles, there are 4 popular types of components which serve as the current transducers.

  • Mini Current Transformer
  • Shunt Resistor
  • Rogowski Coil
  • Hall Sensor

Other Components’ Disadvantage

Manganin shunt resistors have low cost and good linearity. But the dynamic range is low and there’s no galvanic separation. The Rogowski coil has no saturation effects due to its coreless structure. But the output signal is very small and usually the integrator is required. The designer using Hall sensor should consider the high price and complex signal processing circuit.


Current transformers have many advantages, listed as below.

  • Safe galvanic separation
  • High dynamic range
  • Usually no shielding required
  • No need for additional circuitry
  • Attractive prices

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