High-Precision Current Transformer

High-Precision Current Transformer
High-Precision Current Transformer
High-Precision Current Transformer

Phase shift (or phase error) and current error (or amplitude error) are critical for electricity measurement accuracy when miniature current transformers are used. For example, when primary current is 5% of rating, the upper limit of phase shift is 8′ for 0.1 class CT, and 4′ for 0.05 class CT. Xianyu’s high-precision current transformers have high linearity over the whole current range, and low temperature dependence. We can provide DC immune current transformers, in which composite cores are used; or AC miniature current transformer, when DC tolerance is not required.


  • Variety kinds of encapsulation
  • High linearity over the whole current range
  • Accuracy up to 0.02 class, low phase error
  • Meet the standard IEC 60044-3, JB/T10665


  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Electrical protective devices
  • Current sensing modules


DescriptionHigh Precision Current Transformer
Structure Of WindingToroidal
PhaseSingle, Three
Input / Output10~600A/1~40mA
Max. Current10~600 A
Turns Ratio (typical)1:1000, 1:5000, 1:10000, 1:25000, 1:50000
Burden (Rb)5~100 Ω
Accuracy Class0.05/0.1/0.2 Class
Core InsideDC Immune Dual Core / Nanocrystalline Core
EncapsulationPlastic Case, Double Insulation
Busbar TypeNone
Mounting MethodScrew Fixing, Through Hole
ApplicationMeters, Instruments
Accept CustomizedYes
  1. High-precision current transformer with or without DC Immunity (DC tolerance)
  2. Accuracy 0.02/0.05/0.1 Class, very low phase error, high linearity over the whole current range
  3. Plastic box with epoxy resin vacuum potting, or double insulation wrapped
  4. Through hole type, easy to fix and install
  5. We produce the critical parts ourselves, accept ODM / OEM, and provide free samples.
  6. Meet the requirements of standard IEC61869, JB/T10665-2016
  7. Used for Electrical measuring instruments, electrical protective devices, current sensing modules, and so on.