Split Current Transformer

Split Current Transformer
Split Current Transformer
Split Current Transformer

Split or open-close type current transformers can be used for clamp meters, which can measure the current without cutting the wires. We provide different size of split current transformer, suited for different applications. The turns ratio and lead wire length can be specified by customers.


  • Variety kinds of encapsulation
  • High linearity over the whole current range
  • Customized split current transformer available
  • Meet the standard IEC 62053, JB/T10665


  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Electrical protective devices
  • Current sensing modules


DescriptionSplit Current Transformer
Structure Of WindingToroidal
Input / Output10~600A/1~50mA
Max. Current10~600 A
Turns Ratio1:1000~25000
Burden (Rb)5~100 Ω
Accuracy Class±1%
Core InsideSplit Ferrite Core
EncapsulationPlastic Case
Busbar TypeNone
Mounting MethodThrough-hole
ApplicationMeters, Instruments
Accept CustomizedYes

1. Work properly after 1000 times open and close
2. Accuracy ±1%, very low phase error, high linearity over the whole current range
3. Plastic box with epoxy resin vacuum potting
4. Open/Close type, easy to fix and install
5. We produce the critical parts ourselves, accept ODM / OEM, and provide free samples.
6. Meet the requirements of standard IEC 62053, GB17201-2007, JB/T10665
7. Used for Electrical measuring instruments, electrical protective devices, current sensing modules, and so on.

Typical Products

Part NumberHole (mm)Primary CurrentSecondary Turns Ratio
PL20-10AΦ620 A16 mA 1:1250
PL40-25AΦ1040 A16 mA 1:2500
PL100-60AΦ24100 A16 mA 1:6250
PL120-25AΦ16120 A48 mA 1:2500
PL400-100AΦ36400 A40 mA 1:10000
PL400-250AΦ36400 A16 mA 1:25000