Wire Lead Current Transformer

Wire Lead Current Transformer
Wire Lead Current Transformer
Wire Lead Current Transformer

Wire Lead Current Transformer

The wire lead current transformer provides a high-quality solution, at low cost for current sensing. The wire gauge, wire length, and wire connector can be customized. The long lead wires provide the benefit of a high accuracy remote monitor for many applications. The current transformers are constructed using core material of a high-grade nanocrystalline alloy, which has high permeability, or silicon steel material, which has high saturation induction. We take advantage of amorphous & nanocrystalline composite cores to make DC immune current transformer. We provide different kinds of encapsulations, such as plastic case, metal shielding, insulation tape wrapped current transformer. If lead wires are not required in the applications, we can provide PCB mount type current transformers, which can be easliy mounted by the 2 pins or 4 pins.


  • 10(80)A/4mA, Rb=10Ω, turns ratio 1:2000
  • Max current 80A, accuracy 0.1 class
  • ID=Φ10.2mm, OD=Φ27mm, H=16.5mm
  • Double protected by heat-shrink tube and insulation tape
  • Lead wire gauge & length specified by customers


Part NumberMS80-20A
DescriptionWire Lead Current Transformer
Structure Of WindingToroidal
Input / Output10(80)A/5mA
Max. Current80 A
Turns Ratio (typical)1:2000
Burden (Rb)10 Ω
Phase Shift Error5′ (20% Rated Current)
Accuracy Class0.1 Class
Core InsideHigh Permeability Nanocrystalline Core
EncapsulationDouble Insulation
Busbar TypeNone
Mounting MethodThrough Hole
ApplicationMeters, Instruments
Accept CustomizedYes


MS80-20A, Wire Lead Current Transformer
MS80-20A, Wire Lead Current Transformer

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